School Council

School Council at Delapre Primary School

  • Our School Council is made up of three representatives from each year group.
  • Years 3,4, 5 and 6 have to give election speeches to their class before formal voting takes place, just like a real election.
  • A new School Council is formed during the Autumn term every year.
  • The elected members have the job of representing the views of their classes at our meetings as well as all helping with the smooth running of the Council. They also take the role of making sure playtime friendships are supported, where they are good role models and Ambassadors for the school.
  • During the meetings the Council discuss, amongst other things, any issues which have been brought to their attention.
  • The Council members are also involved in supporting many fund-raising events and regularly represent the school.
  • The School Council is helped by Mr Fisher, Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Fisher attends the meetings and helps the Council with advice, budget issues and liaising back to the staff.